[Q&A] What kind of pagan are you?

I don’t know if that’s an actual definition 😉 but besides from having all the norse gods like Odin, Thor, Freya, Frey, Baldr, Loki and co. in my life (Asatru) I might also be some sort of herbal kitchen witch that likes to sweet-talk to her cats in swedish, believes to have had encounters with ghosts of relatives and strangers and a tiny bit of what some may call precognition. Nothing too exciting I suppose. I’m quite openly pagan and don’t get any backlash, for which I’m quite thankful.

So tell me in the comments, what’s your way? What’s your pagan life like?

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1 Response to [Q&A] What kind of pagan are you?

  1. Dyslexic Witch says:

    I get up every morning, and greet Hestia-Vesta, Hecate, Poseidon, and Dionysus; and very night I say goodnight, leaving Hestia-Vesta last, as She is the First and the Last. I teach my boys about the Gods and nature. I perform monthly rituals for my personal pantheon, being sure to follow the Hellenic Pillars as best I can, as well as the teachings from my deities. When friends request it, I work my healing energy for what ails them, or convene with the Gods and Spirits to answers their questions. Like you, I am open about my faith and practice, seeking validation from no one. Although family may think me odd, I receive no backlash from them–at least not to my face.


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