Are you against Christians?

Well that’s a question I got several times now. And no, I’m not. That’d be outrageously stupid to be against people just because of their religion, wouldn’t it?

I am aware though that there are christians out there that would like to convert me or see me convert to their faith or just reject me because I’m an infidel but here’s the thing. I never met one of them in person or was attacked by them in the real life, outside the internet. Lucky me! There’s a lot of christian mythology I love because I grew up with it, hearing bible stories as well as germanic or oriental stories. I attended catholic religious education and never felt out of place. And I think it has a lot to do with how you’re brought up and how you treat people in the first place.

I’d never go around taunting people for what they believe in. If any, I make harmless jokes, and I carefully watch to whom I tell them in order to not offend anyone because I wouldn’t want to get offended myself.

The churches have their own fair share of problems with all the scandals, child molestation, hoarding money and what not. But I don’t feel I should accuse your normal-every-day-neighborhood-christian for all of that since he or she simply isn’t responsible for that. And if said person lives by moral standards which make them do good, how could I ever be nasty to them?

Sure. There’re these stories out there of harmless gothic kids that got harassed and shunned by ultra-christian people because they look weird to them. But can I lump all christians together then? No. I met wonderful people who happened to be christian.

So while a lot of pagan people claim stuff like “life isn’t black and white, you need to view everyone individually, you shouldn’t treat someone badly just because of their faith” it doesn’t seem to apply to christians for them. Maybe because they need an enemy so urgently, that they willingly overthrow their own principles, probably only for the sake of bitching.

So no, I’m definitely not against christians. 🙂

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5 Responses to Are you against Christians?

  1. Micke says:

    I agree😊 Well said. I see a lot of serious taunting of other religions, as if we have proof for asatru’s legitimacy, but other people don’t. What we feel is right is right for the believer and doesn’t make them or us bad people. It’s all about how we act towards each other, not what we believe.
    I think you put your finger on something important here😊 Just one more thing about this;
    I see some asatruars who behave in such a bad way towards christians, and I won’t walk that path. We should all behave in a human way. After all, people living their life with asatru a thousand years ago converted to christianity. Only a small part of the scandinavian people were forced. The rest did it with their hearts. Should we then hate all scandinavian people living in these times? If we do, we don’t even care about people living then. And standing up for what we believe doesn’t give us the right to taunt anyone. We’re all human beings.
    Thank you😊

    • Well said!
      It’s hypocritical to say religion a) is better than religion b) just because you want to be edgy and cool, because Vikings is a popular series, everybody’s got a beard nowadays and you need an antagonist to bash. I wouldn’t want to be around asatruars who behave like shit around people they declared to be their “enemies”. Those guys never had real enemies to hate since they obviously still got a roof above their heads and internet to bitch on 😉
      I’m so tired of all the hating, and as I said in my article about bullying, I won’t let this happen anywhere I am.

      • Micke says:

        You’re absolutely right. We should act with love and understanding. All people should, no matter what we believe. And We as asatruars do actually have a responsibility to show others this is not to be mixed with nazi or racist bullshit. I really don’t get people anymore…if I ever did. To me it’s so weird when some talk about asatru as something good, saying we’re using our own minds while others get deeply affected by priests or whatever religious leaders they may be, and behave badly because of it. It says more about these asatruars, I think. Using their own minds and still behave bad? What’s that?
        Btw, I like your blog! You write about things I can relate to👌😃🌿

      • “Do no harm but take no shit” – as a meme states I started to like over time 😉
        I don’t like the concept of a group of people being especially responsible and being extra careful to avoid Nazi things though. This train of thought leads a lot of people to the conclusion they have the right to call others Nazi just for the sake of derogating their opinion. I think we all, christian, pagan, hindu, whatever are responsible for not letting shit hit the fan and preventing a fourth reich to happen. As asatruar I can of course explain to people that there are more meanings of a swastika and that certain traditions actually don’t date back to germanic rites but only to the 1930s. But it’s every single one’s responsibility to prevent harm.
        Have a nice day and thank you! Always glad when people like what I’m doing 🙂

  2. heathenembers says:

    Nice post, it pretty much lines up with something I just wrote actually. Some people are just so deep into being anti-everything that they don’t even know what they’re hating someone for! And then they get all offended when you don’t share in their anger.


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