And how about UFOs? Are they real?

Oh boy.

Well since the 11th season of the x-Files is approaching soon (January 3rd!) I thought I could tackle this topic a bit.

And of course there are UFOs, unidentified flying objects. They are real but not necessaly operated by extraterrestrial beings coming from some million lightyears away. Basically everything you see in the sky you cannot identify is a UFO. But that’s not the question. You want to know if I believe in aliens that visit us, abduct people and cut pieces out of cattle.

The universe is huge. The part of the universe we can see is peanuts compared to the part we cannot see. This part is hidden from us because the light hasn’t traveled to us yet. While we can easily get the impression that light is travelling endlessly quick, the speed of light is limited to about 300 000 km per second. For our brains this is quick enough to make us think we see things instantly, right at the same time as they exist. But every photon that reaches our eyes shows us the past. So if we see a star that is 100 lightyears away from us we see an image that is 100 years old because the light needed 100 years to travel this far, hence the name. That’s a problem.

A civilisation like ours likely looks out into and listens to the universe if there are signals to be caught from other civilisations. And if these signals are to be caught, we will likely get messages from beings that are millions of years old and quite outdated. At least from what we know today how signals travel.

For an alien civilisation to visit us they must have overcome said speed problem. While photons, the particles that light consists of, are able to travel with the speed of light, they’re only able to do so because they have no mass. They weigh nothing. An UFO weighs something, at least from what we understand them to be: Spaceships carrying alien lifeforms or computer operated devices. And as soon as something weighs something it cannot reach the speed of light anymore without needing an endless supply of energy. That’s what this E=m*c² thing is about. By “endless supply of energy” I don’t mean “very much” or “a huge ass amount”, I mean literally endless. The faster an object goes, the heavier it gets. You can easily imagine that by driving against an elephant wit 1, 5 or 200 mph. The faster you go, the stronger the impact on your car will be. Alien lifeforms visiting us must have solved this problem. Obviously we still don’t have. At this moment we’re not even able to bring a person to the moon, although we did once. Yes, we went to the moon once. I don’t care for your physically incorrect youtube-theories you found once during a beer-infused night where a computer generated voice claimed we didn’t.

But I’m quite positive that there are indeed things happening in this universe we don’t know of and they’ll probably make forward time travelling possible, which would be necessary to visit us. A lot of crazy shit already happened, like matter developing from literally nothing but the potential of matter developing. Like the universe said “Let’s say it may be possible a part of an atom spawns here and give it a likelihood of so-and-so percent to actually appear.” That’s how physics work. It’s awkward, I know.

So with the problem of transportation out of the way alien lifeforms may also have a bunch of social problems to solve to be actually able to evolve into a race that’s able to journey to the stars. That’s a thing we didn’t do either. Because let’s face it: We still have wars going on over whose invisible friend has the biggest junk and about who may own the most of a poisonous substance we use to fuel our engines with and we know for sure this substance isn’t making life on earth any better except for those who have it. Not saying we are monkeys in shoes, but… we are.

So the more I thought about this the more I came to the conclusion it gets unlikelier that aliens do visit us all the time, abduct people, appear in the night sky and such things. But here’s the thing:

It’s not impossible. I’m not a fan of these theories claiming the ancient egyptians weren’t remotely able to build the pyramids without extraterrestrial help. That’s merely a concept to sell books with but has nothing to do with reality. We definitely should stop belittling our ancestors like that because this obstructs research more than any government conspiracy usually does. And we should simply stop seeing UFOs in every single depiction of a winged penis. If we substract all the fraud and the overeager claims from the whole mass, we have a lot less of a mess of sightings and incidents left. And if we then substract all aerial phenomena that are explainable, all the secret government weapon testing there’s even less left. And if we then concentrate on these cases that were definitely not explainable by modern day technology we could work things out more efficiently.

I do believe there are all sorts of beings out there, from living slime to humanoids. But I cannot say if either of these voluntarily visited us. It’s okay believing we are not alone these days. Back in my days, before the internet, it wasn’t. You got heavily laughed at for such theories, only to find the things you said in tv documentaries twenty years later. Things change. And I think we’re gonna find out the truth. Or we won’t. 😉

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