Yule plans

Only 9 days left until yule!


Since I love to stick to family traditions (and expand them to a certain extent) I basically do the same every year. Eating good food, visiting family and friends, sharing gifts and enjoy the winter time. I love to play some funny pagan christmas songs like:


which are totally kitschy and cringy but I really don’t care and love them anyway 😀

My traditional food for yule would be a turkey hen with potato dumplings, red cabbage, gravy and some sweet dessert, after a family recipe we follow for longer that I’m alive now. I might share this here in case someone is searching for a new tradition to start 😉 By the way all the vegetarians and vegans can also skip the bird. This meal is enough to fill your belly without eating somebody else.

For me celebration starts at December 21st which is technically solstice and it goes on to the 24th wich is celebrated with family and friends who don’t necessarily happen to be pagan. Present-exchanging goes on, as well as eating too many sweets, listening to music, watching something on TV, talking and laughing, basically very casual, no naked rituals, no blood, no animal sacrifices (except for the turkey hen which doesn’t count since it’s usually dead already when we bring it home 😛 ). I like to keep my spirituality private so there’re no wild public celebrations.

Before yule celebrations start I love to clean the house to get rid of the past year’s junk.

We do have a yule tree which is exactly decorated like a christmas tree, there’re always some little angels hidden within the twigs symbolizing our christian friends.

Depending on how much we have to give ourselves I also like to make little donations to random people or animal shelters.

And when all the hustle and bustle is over and I find some spare time I’ll retreat into a park or forest, spending some time outside in the cold, getting refreshed and preparing for a new year filled with adventures.

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