[Family Recipe] Potato Dumplings

My silesian great-grandmother brought this recipe with her to germany in the late 1800s, beginning 1900s, where we later called it “polish dumplings”.

Depending on how many people you want to feed you’ll need to adjust the amounts of potatoes.

In general:

1 part uncooked potatoes
1 part cooked potatoes

The uncooked potatoes go into a blender in order to be put into a dishcloth afterwards. Great-grandma did it with a grater but I want to spare you that 😉 We want to get most of the water out of the mass and you will have to press it with a lot of power.
The cooked potatoes need to be mashed and mixed with the uncooked potato mass.
Put flour on your work surface and form dumplings in the size up to a fist.
Cook for 15-20 minutes in salt water. When the dumplings are ready they’ll  come up to the water surface.

Perfect for yule or christmas eve or whatever occasion you see fit for a feast 😉

These dumplings are very rich, but fear not, they’re even better the next day. You can just cut them into pieces and roast them in a pan, together with onions 🙂

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