Am I a re-enactor?

I’d say no 😀

I do some crafting that has something to do with re-enactment and I definitely like the scientific aspects of my hobbies and my lifestyle so I do come in contact with experimental archaeology and such, but I don’t think I would label myself as a re-enactor.

What I do is, I take historical concepts and approach them with my modern day knowledge of things. Since I speak several languages I can determine origins of words and put them in a historical context and I also love to grab old designs and put them into a new environment, like making imprints of replicas and rework pendants for example into earrings or take patterns and put them onto something new. Re-enactment is preserving old techniques and knowledge. I like to go a step further and combine it with today.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think re-enactment is outdated. Without it I wouldn’t be able to create half of the things I do. It’s just that the concept of not “being allowed” to use modern tools and knowledge is too narrow for me.

Also I do not “act”. Everything you see on my Instagram, Facebook and my blog is me, without acting. I live like this, not for the sake of science or to prove or disprove something. It’s my everyday life. I don’t feel the obligation of displaying how much knowledge I accumulated and which fields I studied in.

There’s a certain trend in the re-enactment scene where everyone tries to be smarter than everyone else, having all the sources ready to be quoted but I don’t engage in this either.

I simply want to be myself, be creative, run around in whatever outfit I deem fit for me and paint my face with eyeliner whenever I desire to. I’m not competing against anyone.

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One Response to Am I a re-enactor?

  1. heathenembers says:

    Good on you, I think you have a great outlook on life!


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