I’m not dead! :D

Ah the new year has begun and I’m quite busy working, putting together one necklace after the other at the moment and getting way too less sleep 😀 But nevertheless I enjoy what I’m doing, especially because I re-discovered a long lost passion: watching anime.

At the moment I’m watching “The ancient magus’ bride” (魔法使いの嫁 Mahō Tsukai no Yome), a series about a girl who experienced a lot of suffering in her past because she was different. She sells herself into slavery and gets bought by strange man with a creature’s skull for a head, who is surprisingly nice to her and she becomes his apprentice AND he wants her to be his bride. You can watch the 13 episodes for free on crunchyroll by the way, which I learned to love over the past weeks!

ancientmagusbride(Click on the image to go directly to crunchyroll.com)

Maybe I can find some norse themed anime, that’d be awesome! In case you know any just drop me a comment below and I’m gonna check them out 🙂


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