[New] Huginn & Muninn earrings!

I just finished several pairs of these cute earrings!

Huginn and Muninn are the two ravens of Odin. Huginn came from the old norse word “huga” – “to think”, the noun being “hugi” – “Thought, Sense”. Muninn belongs to the old norse verb of “muna” – “thinking of, remembering”. These ravens are said to sit on Odin’s shoulders, telling them everything they see and hear.

These names definitely make sense in the context of ravens. These birds are incredibly intelligent, being able to use tools and conclude how to solve new problems! ❤

If you want to grab a pair of these really sweet little birds just click on the picture above or on the following link to directly get teleported into my etsy store!



Have a great day! 🙂

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