The Ulfberht Sword – Documentary

Late night documentary watching (and almond-eating 😀 )!


The history of the Ulfberht swords is quite interesting, it even got plagiarized with different variants of spelling the name “Ulfberht” which is embossed in the blade. Definitely recommend to watch some documentaries about this!

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3 Responses to The Ulfberht Sword – Documentary

  1. heathenembers says:

    I’ve seen this doco too, very interesting stuff. It seems knock-off products are nothing new!

  2. Micke says:

    I watched it early last year and found it so very interesting😊 What can we learn from this? Probably that vikings did NOT use swords as much as many seem to believe, and as I thought from the start. It was a luxury to own a sword, but most swords didn’t really do the trick on the battlefield. They got bent and blunt in a matter of minutes, which means they had little chance to survive. An axe should’ve been the weapon of choice, I guess. But the Ulfberht was THE sword. Just imagine how expensive it was!😃

    • A sword was a weapon comparable to a machine gun nowadays 😀 But as the word “German” implies, a “ger” is a lance of a spear, which makes germanic people men with spears. It’s said that the celts (I think it was the celts… :D) had to retreat all the time while fighting the romans to bend their swords back into their original shape again. Which from this perspective is funny af 😀 But yeah, an axe would probably be the best option ^^


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