The costumes and me

As most of you might already know, at least when you follow my Instagram, I like to dress up in the craziest ways. It officially started when I decided over 15 years ago it’d be awesome to go on medieval markets and actually look like I belonged. At that time I owned two long skirts and two blouses and that was it. And somewhen along the way I simply grabbed new costume parts whenever I stumbled across them.

I got quite creative when it comes to acquiring new costume parts. For example I like to crawl through ebay and search for dresses, tops and pants that I can modify or even leave them as they are when they look awesome. Second hand clothes are a great way to save money and re-purpose things that are still perfectly fine. Apart from ebay I frequently visit flea markets, Facebook groups and stores. And since I oftentimes dress crazily even without going to a festival or market, so these clothes ain’t no dead capital 😀
Btw who would have thought that collecting swords and all sorts of decorative weapons would pay someday 😉

The next thing I do is making stuff myself. I sit on a pile of leather pieces and am able to crochet, sew and glue all sorts of stuff together. Whenever there’s an opportunity I grab things one can add to normal pieces of clothing like faux fur trim or sequins and beads, even textile colors, buttons, wool, you name it. In case I need something specific there’s always Amazon or my preferred arts ‘n craft store where I can order stuff or get the right kind of glue in case I need a specific one.

Dollar stores are a great thing too. They often sell weird stuff like fur cuffs, decorative stones, beads, buttons, and all sorts of thingamabobs that are potential props.

My dad handed me down a huge collection of tools which always come in handy when crafting. But I always keep my eyes peeled for new stuff and plan ahead what I might need. After getting my kiln and some rotary tools, engraving tools and such I definitely still want an airbrush, a hot air gun, a torch and some other glass bead making tools… the wishlist always expands, the more shit I buy I suppose 😀

A great aide is my tailor’s dummy on which costumes can be arranged. It’s not exactly my size but it really comes in handy while draping things over other things. Never underestimate the power of sticky velcro by the way ^^

With the internet at hand the possibilities are almost unlimited, even if your budget is. When you have loads of friends working in differend fields it’s very likely they can supply you with material for cheap or even free. And in return you maybe can do something for them.


I’ll be glad to answer to your comments down in the comment section in case you have questions or tips’n tricks or want to show off some of your work!

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