Runes @ etsy

I doubt I can ever write enough about the runes.

One can carve them, one can sing them, one can write them, one can tattoo them, one can use them as a writing system, one can try and predict the future with them.

I prefer them for blessing and protection purpose, others put them in elaborate patterns to see what is yet to come.

Their origin is a fascinating one. The god Odin hung himself into a tree and the runes appeared to him in his mind, which is a very shamanistic experience if you ask me, especially considering that the norse gods are actually able to physically die.

What makes the runes so special is also the fact that they not only have a phonetic value but also a meaning, with “Uruz” 𐌿  for example being pronounced as “u” but also meaning “rain” (Icelandic) and of course “aurochs” (Old English).

The runeset above was made a few days ago with my new pyrography tool. This technique feels new and old at the same time, I like to compare it with heating up a knife over a fire and pressing it into wooden disks. Which is certainly something our ancestors were capable of 😉

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