Some wicked wig adventures…

Not so wicked, only for the sake of the pun  😛

I have several wigs and I love them, as you might imagine. They enable me to change my type instantly and without the need of going to a hairdresser or putting chemicals on my head or even cutting large chunks off of me 😀

I have the following in my collection:

plus several hair pieces and I definitely plan on expanding it 😀

My next wig project is getting my fake dread locks battle ready. I don’t want to braid them in because I just don’t want to wear these dreads every day and I fear installing them permanently could damage my own hair and cause too much wear on the dreads. So what I came up with, at least for the lower part of my head is this:

I think we all know these clips you fasten clip-in extensions with. I plan on sewing my dreads onto them in order to make them quickly removable. I have a plan on how to cover the top of my head too but it’s not too perfect yet. But I’d love to have a head full of fake-dreads and feathers and beads for a very shamanic outfit I’m dreaming of.

So that’s my sunday plan! 🙂

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