Game of Thrones – Hand of the King

Projects like these are what I love most!

I was asked if I could do the Hand of the King and I did 😀 Well it’s not done yet but I’m a bit further than what you can see in the picture above. The blade is thicker and I started to shape it into a triangular form, the decoration of the sleeve is more carved out by now and the veiny structure on the back of the hand got carved out a bit more. I still need to add the swirly pattern and the ridges and creases on the outer side of the ring and then fire it in my kiln!

In the beginning I made a silicon mold to get the rough shape of the original brooch and to spare me from shaping a perfect circle 😛 After the the mold was cured I put some release agent and a good portion of Prometheus White Bronze Clay into it and let it sit for some minutes to dry to make it easier to remove the piece from the mold. And right now the soon-to-be-brooch sits on my table drying. You put water on a bronze clay piece to make it shapeable and let it dry when you are done with a certain area to prevent any deformation when working on another area.

Before finally firing the brooch I decided I should make a little pendant or a ring as a test just to make sure the kiln, the coal and the temperature are just right. Boy am I excited 😀 That’s exactly what I want to do with my stuff 🙂

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One Response to Game of Thrones – Hand of the King

  1. Ravensare says:

    Oh that looks fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing this, I can see how passionate you are about this work. I hope you’ll show us the final version, I’m looking forward to seeing it!


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