Feather Earrings

feather earrings branded

These beautiful feather earrings are now available in my shop!
Just click on the pic or the following linknk at the end of the article 🙂

Did I already mention I love working with bronze clay? Because this is what you can make of it! 😀

Feathers are connected to the element of air, and if you ever saw one floating through the air you’re gonna know why: They are so light and delicate!

But instead of being considered as weak they are often regarded as a symbol of power. Take a look at the amazin feather headdresses of native american peoplee for example!

The german language aswell as the english language know a saying stating “to adorn onesself with borrowed plumes” / “sich mit fremden Federn schmücken”, the french language has “se parer des plumes de paon” (transl. “to adorn onesself with peacock feathers”), giving feathers the status of something you’d need to earn or grow for yourself instead of simply picking them up from the ground or plucking them out from a bird.

In ancient egypt the feather was equivalent to the truth. After death a person’s soul would be weighed and compared to the feather of Maat, the goddess of justice and truth. Sins would have made your soul quite heavy in these days.

Not to forget about mother Hulda / Frau Holle. She shakes out her pillows and feathers float down to earth in the form of snow flakes. Her fairytale is about justice and teaching you to be hardworking and helpful.

The earrings you see in the picture above can be purchased via etsy:



Have a great day guys!

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