Me goes Twitch \o/

At least I’m planning to 😉

Of course I ended up getting Skyrim and while browsing through my massive pile of shame I thought I could do a little bit of streaming later this spring. I can’t say at which definitive point because I’m always a bit too busy. But it’s definitely gonna happen and I’ll try to focus on viking/fantasy games only, although I cannot promise to avoid the occasional round of Overwatch every now and then 😉

While I would love to I don’t know how to do some creative streams with my setup.

As software I’m going to use OBS because I know this best from my screen-capturing adventures doing some german let’s plays and therefore I hope I’ll be able to make some nice overlays! 😀

How awesome would it be to make some cool fanart on stream or to team up with someone (whom I already have in mind ^^) for some multiplayer fun?! Exactly!

But until then there are tons of stuff to do, pendants to make, necklaces to assemble, so I think it’s probably going to be late april or may. I might even put some (pagan and fantasy-related!) gaming stuff on my YouTube channel. But that’s a whole other story 😉

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