Ostara blessings ^^

It’s spring equinox and the sun is bathing everything in a beautiful shimmering, glistening and sparkling! What a beautiful day 🙂

So while I had an unfavorable encounter with one of my suppliers I came to the conclusion that I won’t let that rain on my spring parade and I decided to extend my assortment a bit. So there’ll be some tools and maybe even metal clay in my shop very soon 😀

But aside from that I feel very energetic at the moment, with all the birds singing outside, all the little buds and shoots coming out of their winter hiding places and the sky becoming more and more blue. I really can’t decide which season is my favorite!

Back in my old place I had a vast herbal “garden” on my balcony, with many little friends visiting me, like moths, butterflies, birds, bees, bumblebees, you name it. It was like a little oasis in the midst of the grey city.


I had all sorts of flowers and even peas and tiny apple trees growing there, some catnip, even fern!

Oh, and when you have these little guys visiting you:


(the larva of a ladybug) you know your garden is sustaining itsself because they eat all lice they can get.

There were onions


which admittedly didn’t taste that good but they produced beautiful flowers!


Aw they grow up so fast 😀 Especially when they’re living on a huge bunch of mustard plants, you can see the tiny grains inside of the husk on the left side of Mr. Beetle here 🙂


All sorts of edible and non-edible greenery 🙂


It was glorious and I feel the urge to revive this little project of mine. We’ll see!

Have a happy Ostara everyone! 🙂

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