The on-fleek-pagan make-up :D

I love playing with make-up! Which may be one of the reasons why I look differently in almost every photo 😀 But although I’m an alternative girl I strive to practice my skills, watch youtube tutorials and lurk around in drugstores and retail stores to grab some toys for me.

I can tell you that without make-up I don’t look even half as flawless, there are tons of spots, dark circles around my eyes, discolorations, the occasional pimple, even my eyebrows are uneven and my nose is crooked. But as much as I love to correct this stuff with make-up, I’m completely content with myself. I love to joke around that I look like a mushroom wearing a wig or like a scarecrow or Freddy Kruger, but at the end of the day I take my make-up off and don’t put it back on again for weeks because I can also easily live without it.

And I’m open about the fact that I edit my pictures. I put my instagram pictures through a whole lot of photoshop. First because you have to since camera lenses make your pictures always a bit dull and take away lots of colors. But I also even out my skin a bit, hide some blemishes and since I’m working with a DSLR I have to hide some flakiness. But concerning my bodyshape I’ve never changed something about it.

But why do I do that and what exactly is fake?

I usually only hide blemishes and change the temperature of the photo, meaning adjusting how much yellow and blue are visible.

And I do it for two reasons:

I know that spots can be distracting. They pull my eye away from the complete picture and I get lost in these details. I don’t like that and I want people to enjoy the whole picture without getting distracted.

And that’s the way I want to look in pictures. I understand my photos like paintings, where not everything necessarily has to be like the artist drew it. And I want people to know that I sometimes look flawless with tons of make-up and perfect lighting, but sometimes I look like a huge pile of poop and that’s totally fine because we all have days like that. And just because somebody has perfect skin it doesn’t necessarily mean their lives are perfect or their jobs are perfect. And with being open about editing my pictures I want to break the illusive picture people in general tend to get from looking at Instagram the whole day. And it shows that we all can seem to be perfect with the right amount of trickery.

Sometimes, this is me.

But most of the time, this is me:

And this:

Don’t stress yourself into thinking everyone else is more beautiful, more funny, more exciting or more perfect. We’re all equally awkward sometimes.

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