“You’re no real viking!!11111”

A few weeks ago some kiddo wrote me that he hates to break it to me, but I cannot be a viking because I don’t go raiding with my ship and I (usually) don’t kill people to snatch their belongings.

Well, no shit, Sherlock.

And the girls on instagram posting elf and mermaid pics? Are you saying these are fake? They’re using props? And… even photoshop? Omg. I gotta delete myself out of this world.

After making clear what my page is about he backed up a bit and said there are so many Lagerthas and Ragnars around, pretending to be something they’re not, ruining the Asatru/Pagan community.

Yeah I can see them too. There are tons of Ragnars and Lagerthas.

I started getting into paganism in my early teens, an interest which got kindled from my childhood on, and being what I am for about 20 years now (which makes me old af 😉 ) I find these accusations a bit funny (the haha-funny and the weird-funny aswell). I never even watched this Vikings-series for more than two episodes because the german voice acting was so bad, everyone sounded like they had a fully grown hedgehog in their mouths. (Probably to sound reaaaallyyyy nordic and archaic and cool. Which… failed.) But being on Instagram and being a nerdy girl I found this series must be really successful, considering how much merch and pics are around.

Can pretending to be a movie character be bad for “the” pagan community?

Let me answer with a question: Can pretending to be a movie character be bad for the city you live in?


Probably because the problem solves itself? Probably because people will sooner or later find out if you’re a nice person or an asshat. And they’ll treat you accordingly, no matter if you call yourself Ragnar, Bugs Bunny or Deadpool.

I’m not into drama. And I don’t care about accusations about being a fake and I couldn’t care less about competitions about who is the vikingiest viking in the history of viking vikinghood. Because I simply enjoy doing my shit. And if someone appears at the horizon, claiming to be a TV character I let them be. I like this cosplay stuff too and maybe they have something interesting to say. And if not – who cares? I gotta admit I wanted to be Agent Scully so badly at some point in my tiny young life that I coloured my hair and took a (cheap and broken) leather suitcase to school. 😉

I think it’s often a need of people to keep their supposed community clean from people they don’t like. Maybe because they fear that these others are cooler, prettier, funnier or more successful with something with less effort – and of course that feels unfair. Or maybe because they fear that these people bring changes. And nobody really likes changes to a system they like. (World of Wacraft / Overwatch Patchday, anyone?)

So am I fake? Do I only pretend?

My life’s not always like frolicking in the forest and I don’t do pompous rituals every single day. I gotta job to do, stuff to craft, things to buy, cook, clean my kitties’ litterbox, sometimes Bragi poops on the floor when there’s something he despises, Loki likes to sneeze on food just because he thinks he can steal some when you leave it alone. But here’s the thing: My thoughts, my actions and my moral standards are influenced by a pagan point of view. Pagan in comparison with christian, because it’s hard to determine what the modern term of paganism is defining exactly. I do ask oracles, I love old norse and celtic patterns, my work is heavily influenced by these things and I read the Havamal back and forth because it fits my life quite well. I like viking themed movies and music, I’m interested in all sorts of historic weapons and armor, I learned a bit swedish and love to compare it with norwegian, dutch, german and english language-wise. I have no clue if this makes me a real (c) viking 😉 but using the terms related to vikings is important to get found on the internet. And the more people find me, the more munney I can maek!!!1 well yeah, of course it’s good for my little business, but I had my Instagram years before I started selling viking and fantasy themed jewelry, and according to the messages I get from you guys you really like what I do and that’s an amazing thing – to make people happy and to hear about their little stories and why they’re into history and fantasy and medieval times and old weapons and stuff.

So if anyone doesn’t consider me viking enough it’s okay. I only strive to be my own person anyway.


Conclusion: Do your own shit that makes you happy, don’t be a pain in the ass, know your duties and be honest to yourself and the people around you.

And stay epic 😉

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4 Responses to “You’re no real viking!!11111”

  1. Micke says:

    I think we are what we feel we are. Of course things can’t be like in the ild days, and personally I think it’s good😃 But there you go, this is what lots of ignorant people seem to believe vikings was all about😂 To me this is like saying there are countries breeding only terrorists just because some of them come from certain places. But again, kids😂 I enjoy looking at what you’re doing, and I can see the nice things in it even though I’m not doing it myself😊👍
    Keep it up and own it😃👌

  2. And I appreciate that! Sometimes people just want to troll or challenge someone and that can be really disturbing because you ask yourself if you did something wrong. But nope, it’s most likely some sort of trolling, which I ended up transforming into an article that hopefully encourages people to simply let this kind of people go 😀

  3. heathenembers says:

    You must be doing something right if a young person is offended enough to tell you how the world works! It takes most people a few years to reach the conclusion you so succinctly wrote here 🙂


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