Things I put my close friends through:

A list…
– excessive finger biting (theirs)
– penis jokes
– indicating big bewbs on other girls (admiringly. but still childish.)
– Too much food.
– Too much fatty food.
– Stealing their fatty food every. single. time.
– spamming with cute and funny animal gifs
– repeating said gifs, especially the somersault raccoon
– playing that game where you show your friend that ring formed by the thumb and the index finger, and if they look into it they’ll get punished. Every single time. (Longest match is still being played for 8 years now)
– ramblings about what I need to buy, what I bought and what should be cheaper. And it’s never something useful, only bones, stones, skull-shaped drinking cups, wall cloths, wool…
– “If it’s sweet it’s gone.”
– Maggi. Google it. Try to find it in your country. You can thank me later. *takes a sip with a straw*
– endless rants about physics and why that documentary on TV sucks
– annoying fangirling of the Undertaker
– silly handshakes
– stupidly huge amounts of food when I act as a party host because a) more food is more better and b) leftovers
– I’m a duck. I think like a duck and I can do this thing with my feet. I will insist that I am in fact a duck.
– strange musings and spontaneous actions concerning piercings, tattoos and body mods. The wallet is the limit! (which is… not that impressive though :D)
– “That’s still good! I can totally repair that!” / “Oh look a stray [bag of whatever], I could use that in [whatever project]!”
– “I’m gonna die. I touched a [random insect]!”
– Random movie quotes of movies which are by now at least 25 years old.
– Shouts of “Oh look! it’s a [Queen/Princess/Lady] [Petal Pony/Wavyhair/Sweetypie] from that toyline nobody remembered 6 months after it vanished from the stores”-shoutings while on flea markets
– Causal chains – causal chains everywhere! And I explain them from start to finish.
– I will either shoot you with my longbow, hack you into little pieces with one of my swords, knives or axes or scream in panic and run around if you happen to be a daddy longlegs.
People shouldn’t get a wrong impression of me.
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