Am I a witch?

I got this question several times now and I gotta admit I don’t really know 😀

How can I not know if I am something or not? Well…

The first thing that comes to my mind when I’m asked if I’m a witch is No. I’m certainly not. I’m not what people think a witch is like and I don’t perceive myself or think of me as a witch. Also I’m not in a coven and I don’t follow the wiccan path and neither do I look like a hag nor like some sexy vamp like lady who seduces basically everyone. So that’s that.

But I do in fact do witchy things, I study plants and their effects, I have talismans going on, I chant, I know how to cleanse and protect places and items, I’m considerate in the things I do and say because stuff comes back to you, you know, and I try to put happy thoughts into my works of art.

Whenever I stumble upon the most flamboyant witches online they created this mystery around themselves. It often seems like they do things differently than I do. Some of them pretend to live in a magical hut, playing with tarot cards every day and chanting and blessing all the way without having bills to pay, dentist appointments or a leaking toilet. It’s like some of them put out a selection and sprinkle it up a bit. Which is totally fine. You do you. But I’m not like that.

When people meet me in person, being pagan is never the first thing I mention about myself, because why would they even want to know that? Some suspect me being a witch though, which amuses me in return because maybe I’m giving off a certain vibe and I’m just in denial, who knows? 😉

But in the end I don’t feel like I should label myself as a witch or a völva or anything like that because that’s not what I mainly consist of. It’d be like assuming I’d be a lesbian because I like man-stuff, or assuming I’ve a certain body shape or mindset just because I like video games.

Am I a witch? Maybe sometimes. But I think labels don’t fit me, not anymore. I do so many different things daily, that it’s impossible to find a fitting one. I love heavy metal, but there’re rap songs I like. I love being out in the forests but I’m also a huge nerd, sitting at home, playing games and reading books about archaeology. And when I think of divination with tarot cards or pendulums I think of seeking an answer from within myself and not so much with the help of ghosts. Although I think ghosts are somewhat real, like I wrote in an earlier article.

I’m just that weirdly clad chick on the internet, that stays up too late, works at weird times, rambles about all sorts of sciency stuff, that loves her cats and talks to them and enjoys cooking and caring for her little (but growing!) community.

Maybe everything alltogether, even denying, makes me a witch. But putting a label on myself is weird and confusing for me, I don’t even consider myself as a type of “wise woman”. I’m just me, doing me-things, and sometimes leaving my me-space to see me-friends. A label would limit me to only being a witch, only being a woman, only being crafty. But I wanna throw all my shit at you, without limiting myself. You need to see my photos, listen to my audio plays, answer my silly questions, accept that I sometimes claim to be a duck, read my texts, hear me sing and so much more to grasp the real me. And that’s true for every single person. Labels are meh, except they’re good for hashtags on Instagram for you to find me easier 😉

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