[Books] Fibulae – Fibeln

I get my inspiration from many different places, also from classical books, the analogue kind, with pages made from paper 😉

So today I present you one of my source books. Don’t worry, I have many, and this one’s in German. But if you happen to speak a bit of german you’ll definitely love it, plus there are plenty of pictures in it that help you distinguish the different kinds of fibulae there are.


If you want to start with re-enactment or want to make a costume which is a bit more on the historically accurate side, you’ll probably wonder where to start. The internet is full of Birka and Gotland finds but is the information you find correct? And don’t get me started on how to make the amazing jewelry you see on medieval markets yourself! If you didn’t go through an apprenticeship to become a gold or blacksmith it’s so confusing! But fear not! I’m here to bring enlightenment! At least a bit 😉

The first important thing you’ll need if you want to make this history shit your hobby is proper source books. You need to read. Like a lot. And although the internet is an awesome place to catch information fast, it’s also filled with 404 errors, sites close down, and there goes your trusty source you visited for years. Not so with books! Ha!

This here is a book I bought myself for yule because I definitely want to make some brooches and fibulae and clasps of all sorts. Besides photos you find some detailed drawings of several pieces and the description and explanation are easy understandable. After reading this book you probably won’t be a pro in recognizing fibulae of all sorts and ages, but it’s a great starter and that’s what my little series here is all about.

The area the depicted fibulae are from is mostly germany, from the early middle ages.


In case you want to support me a bit you can use the clickable images in this article to buy the book, which are Amazon ref links and will lead you directly to the product!


Fibeln: Erkennen – Bestimmen Beschreiben (archäologisches Bestimmungsbuch)
Language: German
Pages: 168
Publisher: Deutscher Kunstverlag
ISBN: 3422071199

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Youtube \o/

I know, I know, it’s not the time to start with youtube. There’s a lot of drama going on over there about ad revenues, crappy content and what not. But making a bunch of money by posting make up and prank videos is not what I aim for. But the platform is nice!


I thought about making some videos about paganism, creative stuff involving my love for animations, fantasy, my art. No drama, no ‘How many knives fit in my mouth?” challenges, just some plain creative content. With no ads. Intended as an additional feature to my Instagram realm and this blog.

Currently I’m working on a little video about the Edda and the norse gods and how the world came to be. The script is done, but there’re still some animations to make and some recording to do.

We’ll see!

Have a nice day, all!

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The Witcher – Fan-made short film


As you can imagine I’m a bit in love with the Witcher franchise and I stared in awe at this gemstone of a fanfilm! Behold this epic treasure! 😀

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Let’s start blogging, shall we!

It’s getting darker outside again, the sky’s more often grey than blue, it’s cold and rainy, but the leaves start to turn to this colorful ocean of red, yellow and brown. This leads to me being more at home and of course starting a new blog. I’m getting hella creative these days 😀

So, what can you expect here? What is this place? Well, to be honest, I don’t have a concrete definition. I want to share my art, nature stuff, all things medieval, photos, maybe some music, stories, my latest loot, everything that takes place in my world, so to say.

Maybe you know me already, probably from my instagram @LivingPaganism or you just came accross this blog by chance (and google), either way, I bid you welcome in my little realm! This place is all about nature, old gods, mythology, creativity, knowledge and fun 🙂

My art consists of several different things. I sculpt jewelry in metal clay, but also work with wood, stones, feathers to create pieces, and also make ritual items like painted and/or carved bones and stones or rune sets, create some digital artwork by editing photos and videos, doing a bit of voice acting for audio plays. Maybe, just maybe, I’m going back to do a little bit of youtube videos, making a tutorial or an occasional vlog, but that I cannot promise 😉 Since I speak several languages, german, english, french, swedish and a tiny bit of russian, it might occur that I share content in these languages. You can never know enough!

And I’m also a huge nerd. If there’s anything I love outside of my natural polytheistic witchy realm, it’s the nerdity. Not only Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Vikings and all the other usual suspects, but also popculture from the 80s and 90s, video games, manga, pen&paper games, board games, etc!

See you hopefully very soon!

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This here shall be my little space, where I want to share my ideas, photos, inspirations, adventures and more with you. Hope you’ll enjoy your stay here!

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