Things I put my close friends through:

A list…
– excessive finger biting (theirs)
– penis jokes
– indicating big bewbs on other girls (admiringly. but still childish.)
– Too much food.
– Too much fatty food.
– Stealing their fatty food every. single. time.
– spamming with cute and funny animal gifs
– repeating said gifs, especially the somersault raccoon
– playing that game where you show your friend that ring formed by the thumb and the index finger, and if they look into it they’ll get punished. Every single time. (Longest match is still being played for 8 years now)
– ramblings about what I need to buy, what I bought and what should be cheaper. And it’s never something useful, only bones, stones, skull-shaped drinking cups, wall cloths, wool…
– “If it’s sweet it’s gone.”
– Maggi. Google it. Try to find it in your country. You can thank me later. *takes a sip with a straw*
– endless rants about physics and why that documentary on TV sucks
– annoying fangirling of the Undertaker
– silly handshakes
– stupidly huge amounts of food when I act as a party host because a) more food is more better and b) leftovers
– I’m a duck. I think like a duck and I can do this thing with my feet. I will insist that I am in fact a duck.
– strange musings and spontaneous actions concerning piercings, tattoos and body mods. The wallet is the limit! (which is… not that impressive though :D)
– “That’s still good! I can totally repair that!” / “Oh look a stray [bag of whatever], I could use that in [whatever project]!”
– “I’m gonna die. I touched a [random insect]!”
– Random movie quotes of movies which are by now at least 25 years old.
– Shouts of “Oh look! it’s a [Queen/Princess/Lady] [Petal Pony/Wavyhair/Sweetypie] from that toyline nobody remembered 6 months after it vanished from the stores”-shoutings while on flea markets
– Causal chains – causal chains everywhere! And I explain them from start to finish.
– I will either shoot you with my longbow, hack you into little pieces with one of my swords, knives or axes or scream in panic and run around if you happen to be a daddy longlegs.
People shouldn’t get a wrong impression of me.
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The Nine Noble Virtues

I came to think about these during the last few days, the nine noble virtues of the asatru belief. For me, these terms represent an ideal I try to achieve, although I do not belong to any organisation (like Odinic Rite, who came up with these virtues).

  1. Courage
    First we have courage. Being courageous is often a good thing, for example by defending a friend, facing a difficult task or simply state an opinion. Showing courage means you take the risk of losing something. I think I might be at least a tiny bit courageous. I tend to speak my mind even when I sense there’s some backlash coming my way for that. I took the risk of starting my business, with a lot of stuff that could go wrong. I you ever feel that you lack courage just take a look at all the times you did small things that cost other people an effort to do. Everyone’s different and the things you do with ease may be monstrous obstacles for others.
  2. Truth
    Speaking the truth is oftentimes harder than a little lie. Especially when people want to avoid to get annoyed they tend to use white lies to get along with others. Also speaking the truth may hurt. But lying will get your ass into deep trouble, especially when unnecessary. People lie to seem more interesting. There are many reasons for that but it all comes down to avoidance. They want to avoid being regarded as dull, they want to avoid their partner to learn about their affair, they want to avoid hurting others, because it’s way easier. “I’m busy today!” is way more convenient than “Oh my god I can’t stand your attitude towards everything you asshat!” because it’s more polite. And while it may be the better choice to be polite sometimes, it’s never a good choice to lie to those who trust you. Don’t be that self-indulgent wanker who lies for his own comfort. People will notice that and you will be basically fucked. In the butt. With rocket propulsion.
  3. Honour
    Honour is a difficult concept and I think it’s heavily intertwined with all the terms on this list. Honour has a lot to do with perception, how others perceive me, how I perceive myself, how people talk about me behind my back. And I don’t mean that talking slack shit because that happens anyway. I’m talking about the question if people talk about me positively, if they recommend me, if the tell funny stories about me, how they remember me and if they enjoy thinking of me. It’s like a balance between one’s own and other’s expectations for example moral-wise. Do people consider me as a role-model? Do I embarrass myself in front of everyone? Am I getting caught lying or stealing all the time? Can people depend on me? I think when I add everything up together and I conclude that the positive aspekts of me prevail, I might have achieved something like an honour.
  4. Fidelity
    Now that one’s easy. a) Don’t go fucking around. Don’t hit on girls and guys when you’re in a relationship, and respect when the person you’re interested in is in a relationship. Because fidelity and trust are precious and easily destroyed by not thinking and taking out your boobs or parking your sausage in the wrong garage. Don’t be that person. There is already a fuckton of persons like this out there. Don’t try to keep someone who is in a relationship up in your sleeve and plan around if or if not any relationship is going to last and if you’ll be able to grab something from the leftovers. People aren’t stupid. They notice your sudden behavioral change when you cheat on them (or plan to), they notice when you got somebody else on your mind, no matter how often you claim everything’s fine. b) Be loyal to your gods. Of course something bad can happen to you but if you turn away from your religion you couldn’t have been that serious in the first place, could you?
  5. Discipline
    If you decide to do something, do it. Do it wholeheartedly. Don’t be a sloth. Don’t get distracted. You want to engage in a relationship – be ready to keep your eyes on your partner. You want to get a job – go there regularly and do your best and don’t stop going there after six months because it became boring. You want to practice arts or sports – don’t let laziness take over. Celebrate the holidays all around the year to fasten your bond with your beliefs and don’t let anything minor hinder you. First comes the homerwork, then the PS4. Discipline can shape your character and will make you a helpful and reliable person. Which is in turn good for your honour.
  6. Hospitality
    Be ice to your guests. This one seems to originate when people wandered around for hours on end just to reach the next settlement. But to transfer this to our modern days I’d explain it as being generous. Know when you’re taken advantage of in an unfair way, but also help your friends whenever you can. They will help you back some time.
  7. Self Reliance
    Don’t mooch on other people. Strive to be independent in every way you can (but don’t take it too far and cause yourself problems). To sustain a community, either of a small amount of friends or a big community consisting of hundred and more people, it’s important for every single member to contribute something and to not only take. Independence makes you a strong person and the less you need to take and the more you can contribute, the better the community can grow and handle people who cannot contribute much for a small amount of time. This also includes your responsibility to take care of your health and what you eat and how cleanly you are.
  8. Industriousness
    Werk werk werk werk werk…
    Get your lazy butt out of your chair and do your chores. And then do your taxes. Repeating your tasks will create muscles, you’ll get used to think in certain ways, your workflow will start to get easier.
  9. Perseverance
    Don’t. Ever. Give. Up. Like seriously.

These are only short forms of explainations to give a quick overview. But I think you get the gist. I myself like to follow a codex and I measure myself accourding to these virtues, trying to better myself. And to be honest I have no clue how the Odinic Rite-guys interprete these terms themselves. I don’t belong to any group, I just found this concept to be an interesting one and adapted it for my everyday life 🙂 Maybe I’m gonna blog a bit more about this topic, probably to cover these nine terms in a more detailed manner. But until then…



Have a nice day 🙂

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“You’re no real viking!!11111”

A few weeks ago some kiddo wrote me that he hates to break it to me, but I cannot be a viking because I don’t go raiding with my ship and I (usually) don’t kill people to snatch their belongings.

Well, no shit, Sherlock.

And the girls on instagram posting elf and mermaid pics? Are you saying these are fake? They’re using props? And… even photoshop? Omg. I gotta delete myself out of this world.

After making clear what my page is about he backed up a bit and said there are so many Lagerthas and Ragnars around, pretending to be something they’re not, ruining the Asatru/Pagan community.

Yeah I can see them too. There are tons of Ragnars and Lagerthas.

I started getting into paganism in my early teens, an interest which got kindled from my childhood on, and being what I am for about 20 years now (which makes me old af 😉 ) I find these accusations a bit funny (the haha-funny and the weird-funny aswell). I never even watched this Vikings-series for more than two episodes because the german voice acting was so bad, everyone sounded like they had a fully grown hedgehog in their mouths. (Probably to sound reaaaallyyyy nordic and archaic and cool. Which… failed.) But being on Instagram and being a nerdy girl I found this series must be really successful, considering how much merch and pics are around.

Can pretending to be a movie character be bad for “the” pagan community?

Let me answer with a question: Can pretending to be a movie character be bad for the city you live in?


Probably because the problem solves itself? Probably because people will sooner or later find out if you’re a nice person or an asshat. And they’ll treat you accordingly, no matter if you call yourself Ragnar, Bugs Bunny or Deadpool.

I’m not into drama. And I don’t care about accusations about being a fake and I couldn’t care less about competitions about who is the vikingiest viking in the history of viking vikinghood. Because I simply enjoy doing my shit. And if someone appears at the horizon, claiming to be a TV character I let them be. I like this cosplay stuff too and maybe they have something interesting to say. And if not – who cares? I gotta admit I wanted to be Agent Scully so badly at some point in my tiny young life that I coloured my hair and took a (cheap and broken) leather suitcase to school. 😉

I think it’s often a need of people to keep their supposed community clean from people they don’t like. Maybe because they fear that these others are cooler, prettier, funnier or more successful with something with less effort – and of course that feels unfair. Or maybe because they fear that these people bring changes. And nobody really likes changes to a system they like. (World of Wacraft / Overwatch Patchday, anyone?)

So am I fake? Do I only pretend?

My life’s not always like frolicking in the forest and I don’t do pompous rituals every single day. I gotta job to do, stuff to craft, things to buy, cook, clean my kitties’ litterbox, sometimes Bragi poops on the floor when there’s something he despises, Loki likes to sneeze on food just because he thinks he can steal some when you leave it alone. But here’s the thing: My thoughts, my actions and my moral standards are influenced by a pagan point of view. Pagan in comparison with christian, because it’s hard to determine what the modern term of paganism is defining exactly. I do ask oracles, I love old norse and celtic patterns, my work is heavily influenced by these things and I read the Havamal back and forth because it fits my life quite well. I like viking themed movies and music, I’m interested in all sorts of historic weapons and armor, I learned a bit swedish and love to compare it with norwegian, dutch, german and english language-wise. I have no clue if this makes me a real (c) viking 😉 but using the terms related to vikings is important to get found on the internet. And the more people find me, the more munney I can maek!!!1 well yeah, of course it’s good for my little business, but I had my Instagram years before I started selling viking and fantasy themed jewelry, and according to the messages I get from you guys you really like what I do and that’s an amazing thing – to make people happy and to hear about their little stories and why they’re into history and fantasy and medieval times and old weapons and stuff.

So if anyone doesn’t consider me viking enough it’s okay. I only strive to be my own person anyway.


Conclusion: Do your own shit that makes you happy, don’t be a pain in the ass, know your duties and be honest to yourself and the people around you.

And stay epic 😉

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[Music] Beethoven ^-^

Just in case you need to listen to an epic version of Beethoven’s songs, here you go 😀
Created by Hidden Citizens

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The on-fleek-pagan make-up :D

I love playing with make-up! Which may be one of the reasons why I look differently in almost every photo 😀 But although I’m an alternative girl I strive to practice my skills, watch youtube tutorials and lurk around in drugstores and retail stores to grab some toys for me.

I can tell you that without make-up I don’t look even half as flawless, there are tons of spots, dark circles around my eyes, discolorations, the occasional pimple, even my eyebrows are uneven and my nose is crooked. But as much as I love to correct this stuff with make-up, I’m completely content with myself. I love to joke around that I look like a mushroom wearing a wig or like a scarecrow or Freddy Kruger, but at the end of the day I take my make-up off and don’t put it back on again for weeks because I can also easily live without it.

And I’m open about the fact that I edit my pictures. I put my instagram pictures through a whole lot of photoshop. First because you have to since camera lenses make your pictures always a bit dull and take away lots of colors. But I also even out my skin a bit, hide some blemishes and since I’m working with a DSLR I have to hide some flakiness. But concerning my bodyshape I’ve never changed something about it.

But why do I do that and what exactly is fake?

I usually only hide blemishes and change the temperature of the photo, meaning adjusting how much yellow and blue are visible.

And I do it for two reasons:

I know that spots can be distracting. They pull my eye away from the complete picture and I get lost in these details. I don’t like that and I want people to enjoy the whole picture without getting distracted.

And that’s the way I want to look in pictures. I understand my photos like paintings, where not everything necessarily has to be like the artist drew it. And I want people to know that I sometimes look flawless with tons of make-up and perfect lighting, but sometimes I look like a huge pile of poop and that’s totally fine because we all have days like that. And just because somebody has perfect skin it doesn’t necessarily mean their lives are perfect or their jobs are perfect. And with being open about editing my pictures I want to break the illusive picture people in general tend to get from looking at Instagram the whole day. And it shows that we all can seem to be perfect with the right amount of trickery.

Sometimes, this is me.

But most of the time, this is me:

And this:

Don’t stress yourself into thinking everyone else is more beautiful, more funny, more exciting or more perfect. We’re all equally awkward sometimes.

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Results! :D

Yesterday was quite exhausting, but I still took the time to edit some of my pictures 😀 Here’s my favorite so far.

I literally slept like a stone, but I’m already full of ideas what to do next. Since my Instagram following increased like Hel over the last few weeks I thought I could do a little giveaway on all of my platforms. Still looking into what I could raffle and how to pick a random winner.

I wish you guys a great week-end and wonderful holidays in case you celebrate Easter 🙂


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[Music] Blackmore’s Night – The Circle

Just sharing this piece of music which always relaxes me 🙂 which is very welcome after a hard day of walking around on a beautiful medieval market I attended, taking loads of photos and having a little photoshoot in a forest nearby… phew! And now, at 1:42 am I’m finally coming to rest. What a day 😀

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A history of magic

In January 2015 I visited the Harry Potter exhibition in Cologne but I never shared the photos I took properly. And since I found them today on my backup harddrive I decided this might be the perfect time to let you take a peek at what I caught 🙂

This looks so casual 😀

I totally got lost in all the details ❤

It was like visiting a part of my childhood, even though I was already 17 when the first movie was released in 2001.

So colorful! I’m still marvelling at all this 🙂

Parvati’s costume 🙂 I love how the uniforms have all these little individual details

Omg Hagrid’s costume was huge!

I probably need all of this 😀

And an Hungarian Horntail 😀


A life-sized Buckbeak. This was inspiring enough for me to want to make loads of life-sized animals, somewhen in the future xD

All the props, hard fangirling 😀

Oh yeah, and this bitch…

Professor Slughorn’s garb

The amazingly awkward Professor Lockhart 😀

And his amazingly awkward book(s) 😀

This guy’s a real hero 😀

The executioner >.<

Look at the level of inconvenience Dobby is experiencing right now 😀 (The sign in the middle says “Photography prohibited” :P)

They exude evil °___°

What a beautiful dress for such a nasty woman 😀

Yaaay! Clowns!!! 😉

Quidditch, anyone?

I think this is what one of these youtube hauls would look like if I did one 😀

These mandrake props were screeching all. the. time. 😀

I literally couldn’t let this opportunity pass by and also got myself a replica of Dumbledore’s wand:

Even after so many years I still get excited about all this beautiful magic and I’m really glad I had this opportunity 🙂

Really hope you enjoyed my little trip back in time! Have a magical day, guys!

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Ostara blessings ^^

It’s spring equinox and the sun is bathing everything in a beautiful shimmering, glistening and sparkling! What a beautiful day 🙂

So while I had an unfavorable encounter with one of my suppliers I came to the conclusion that I won’t let that rain on my spring parade and I decided to extend my assortment a bit. So there’ll be some tools and maybe even metal clay in my shop very soon 😀

But aside from that I feel very energetic at the moment, with all the birds singing outside, all the little buds and shoots coming out of their winter hiding places and the sky becoming more and more blue. I really can’t decide which season is my favorite!

Back in my old place I had a vast herbal “garden” on my balcony, with many little friends visiting me, like moths, butterflies, birds, bees, bumblebees, you name it. It was like a little oasis in the midst of the grey city.


I had all sorts of flowers and even peas and tiny apple trees growing there, some catnip, even fern!

Oh, and when you have these little guys visiting you:


(the larva of a ladybug) you know your garden is sustaining itsself because they eat all lice they can get.

There were onions


which admittedly didn’t taste that good but they produced beautiful flowers!


Aw they grow up so fast 😀 Especially when they’re living on a huge bunch of mustard plants, you can see the tiny grains inside of the husk on the left side of Mr. Beetle here 🙂


All sorts of edible and non-edible greenery 🙂


It was glorious and I feel the urge to revive this little project of mine. We’ll see!

Have a happy Ostara everyone! 🙂

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[Music] Garmarna – Herr Mannelig

One of my favorite interpretations of the song! 🙂



Bittida en morgon, innan solen upprann,
Innan foglarna började sjunga,
Bergatrollet friade till fager ungersven.
Hon hade en falskeliger tunga:

Herr Mannelig, herr Mannelig, trolofven I mig.
För det jag bjuder så gerna;
I kunnen väl svara endast ja eller nej.
Om i viljen eller ej.

Eder vill jag gifva de gångare tolf,
Som gå uti rosendelunden;
Aldrig har det varit någon sadel uppå dem,
Ej heller betsel uti munnen.

Eder vill jag gifva de qvarnarna tolf,
Som stå mellan Tillö och Ternö;
Stenarna de äro af rödaste gull,
Och hjulen silfverbeslagna.

Eder vill jag gifva ett förgyllande svärd,
Som klingar utaf femton guldringar;
Och strida huru I strida vill,
Stridsplatsen skolen i väl vinna.

Eder vill jag gifva en skjorta så ny,
Den bästa I lysten att slita;
Inte är hon sömmad av nål eller trå,
Men virkad af silket det hvita.

Sådana gåfvor jag toge väl emot,
Om du vore kristelig qvinna,
Men nu så är du det värsta bergatroll
Af Neckens och djefvulens stämma.

Bergatrollet ut på dörren sprang,
Hon rister och jämrar sig svåra:
Hade jag fått den fager ungersven,
Så hade jag mistat min plåga.

Herr Mannelig herr Mannelig trolofven I mig.
För det jag bjuder så gerna;
I kunnen väl svara endast ja eller nej,
Om i viljen eller ej.

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Eco-friendly fur-wearing

And just when you thought this topic already got discussed so many times that nobody wants to hear about it anymore the internet soldiers of hate-posting arise yet again to write their bloody fingers off…

“Whaddaya talkin about?!”

Simply put: Pagan music groups like Omnia wearing leather and fur.

To put things straight: I’m not siding with Omnia and bands like them because I don’t know them personally.

But here’s the thing.

I consider myself a nature-loving, animal-rescuing, flowers-for-bees-planting, peace loving, sports-hunter-hating person. I rescued tons of birds and all of my cats came from problemtatic circumstances, abusive owners or animal shelters. I support local farmers and buy milk and vegetables preferably directly from them instead of multi-million-€-companies. I’m not perfect in what I do because sometimes I do indeed go to the supermarket but I am in no competition to be morally more right than others. And although my lifestyle’s very down to earth, muddy, crafty and more often than not grubby (because that happens when you have two cat boys and try to make a living by working with your hands) and I try to combine what I do with eco-friendlyness with sticking to materials I feel good about using them. But still I do use and own fur and leather.

How can that be?

First of all: I’m no friend of artificial shit. I mean I do have plastic stuff. It’s what I write this text on, some of my tools consist of it, some of my food comes wrapped in it but I openly boycott stores which wrap every single bell pepper in its own little plastic mantle (because seriously…I know they argument that vegetables harvested under eco-friendly circumstances should not come in contact with normal ones due to contamination issues but in no way is wrapping everything and their mother in plastic the right countermeasurement. At least in my opinion…). I dare say if more people came down to my amount of waste production there’d be a lot less waste. I don’t go to fast food chains, most of my clothes are second hand (if not third- or fourth hand. I mean I wear stuff my late grandma wore 40-50 years ago), my towels and dishcloths belonged to my family for 10-20 years (and with proper care and the right materials they can easily live this long) and even my cleaning cloths were undershirts once. It’s not because we were poor as fuck, it’s because we are like that. I inherited the complete tool collection of my father which is 30-40 years old and except for motors that got a bit weak over time this stuff is perfectly fine (honestly, how can a hammer not be fine? Or nails, or pliers, or saws… 😉 ).

Second: I don’t think nature owes me one because I live kinda eco-friendly. The fur I own came from animals that were cared for and loved by their owners, and then died. Some got attacked by wolves, some were eaten by humans, some just died of old age. That happens when you live far away from the cities, where hungry beasts lurk behind your fences and although you have the largest dogs they might not always be able to protect the herd. And you gotta live. And eat. And while people in the cities are able to just jump into the next grocery store with a wide arrangement of tofu and soy products present in the shelves some people can’t.

Third: Comparing your own to other peoples circumstances is a tricky thing. While I’m often able to get my hands on bones and stuff because I’m quite attentive other people maybe can’t pull that off. I keep the bones of our meals for example, collect feathers from the ground while strolling along somewhere, people sometimes just give me things like pinecones, old jewelry and stuff. And because all this is highly individual I could never judge people who are not living and working like me. Which doesn’t mean that everyone else has the right to littler around or loot the whole forest just because they don’t live like me. But most of the times the circumstances are different for people. Which means some can be strictly vegan, some can’t. Some can give shelter to animals, some can’t. Some can get their hands on ethically sourced leather, some can’t. Some can make up their minds and work with materials which once belonged to a living being, some can’t. Just because you can do something it doesn’t mean anyone else can, too.

Fourth: Less is more. There’s stuff made from leather that’s really useful. Like leather pants when it’s cold outside, or a leather coat to keep you warm and the rain from your clothes. I own exactly one pair of leather pants for 17 years now. They’re still great, like on their first day. The same goes for my coat, 10 years old, also still great. On the other hand I owned at least 4-5 plastic pants looking like leather, all just tore apart after four to six months because the softener just disappeared and the seams just made these whole things even more brittle. I can’t help but thinking that it’s better to own something sturdy which was handmade by a craftsman than to buy the same shit over and over again made from plastic that may or may not ooze some stuff nobody can pronounce right away.

Fifth: When I collect the bones and feathers of other people’s (or animal’s 😉 ) meals I’m literally collecting trash. The spine I’ve made a necklace from was on its way to the garbage can before I grabbed and cleaned it. The problem is that feathers, teeth and bones often come from sources I’d highly suspect of taking stuff by really violent force. I know of regions in the world where they do insane things to animals in order to get their “wolf fangs” for your necklace. You have to do your research. And even if you did, it doesn’t prevent people from lying to your face. Nevertheless I like to trade stuff and money for things other people don’t need. One man’s trash is one girl’s treasure.

This list could go on, I could ramble about a lot of topics related to using animal parts in art, craft and for magic purposes. But I think these points are enough to make one thing clear:

All this shit is hella complicated. It’s hard as fuck to make a living with anything. It always was. And by claiming bands like Omnia follow some sort of double standard because they use fur and leather you just make very clear that you haven’t informed yourself enough. Sure it’s important to raise awareness amongst people that leather is likely a product of agony considering the circumstances animals are mostly kept. But don’t go spreading your message in a way that sane people who don’t have the knowledge you have get repelled by you. Don’t go around attacking people because if you do they will not follow you but go into the opposite direction. Not only that. Their friends will follow them too. And soon your good intentions will become corrupted and regarded as ill.

I don’t expect anyone to agree with me. And my bitchy ass doesn’t tolerate any hate, spam or plain trolling on my blog. I just felt like I could make this statement to clearify that nothing’s only black and white or good and evil. And maybe someone might read this and stops feeling guilty about not being perfect. Just do the best you can.

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[Music] Omnia – Suck my flute

A new song by Omnia!

While the melodie is well-known from their song “Fee Ra Huri” from the album “Musick and Poëtree”  (with parts from “Richard Parker’s Fancy” – Album: Alive; “Saltatio Vita – Album: WolfLove; “Kokopelli” – Album: Earth Warrior)  I find this new interpretation really refreshing and look at this gorgeous video, guys! That’s some serious fire-flinging if I ever saw one 😀

While some people criticized that the band recycled this song from old ones I don’t mind it because they gave these songs a new music video whith that, while making a new music video for songs that are several years old doesn’t make too much sense since they also want to promote their work with this eye-candy.

Have a nice day, guys!

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Tarot – How I got started

der Herr

Don’t get me wrong – I’m no expert in divination and I probably never will be. But when I got started in working with tarot cards I would have loved to read about other people’s experiences without them going on rambling about complicated patterns and the moon phases they required to perform their readings. Because that’s not how tarot works for me, although I’m fully aware that it works like that for them 😉

My approach at divination is what others would describe as down to earth. I don’t do readings for other people except for really really² close friends  and I don’t do it for money because I need a certain connection to the cards, the topic and the person and it’s very problem solving oriented. And with money on my mind beforehand I just can’t concentrate that well.

Finally we got this disclaimer out of the way 😀

I bought my first tarot set at the age of probably 16-17 which was a Rider Waite Tarot and it didn’t talk to me at all, it still doesn’t. Maybe the art style doesn’t fit me, maybe it’s something else but when I first got my hands on this set I just expected something to click which didn’t happen. And that was a tad bit disappointing. At that time I didn’t realize why and I thought that maybe it’s all humbug and people are just crazy.

Some years went by and it was at the dawn of Amazon when I stumbled across another tarot set, which somehow caught my attention. It was celtic themed and the pictures looked interesting, so I gave it another go, thinking if it didn’t work again I could just use the cards for some art. When my package arrived I first read the instructional book which was quite thick, and again I stumbled across these patterns you should structure your cards in on the table. Everything more complicated than past – present – future was not my cup of tea at that time and I thought maybe the patterns don’t matter that much when I approached every card I drew with a certain question in the first place. So I threw the convoluted rules I had read about online and in books overboard and started to concentrate on the cards themselves.

And that was when I learned why the Rider Waite deck didn’t work for me. The cards were just too plain. Lo and behold my eyes need a lot of stuff to view and to get lost in. They need leafy or cloudy patterns, twigs, little mushrooms, squirrels, reflections, tiny details to discover. Then and only then I could focus on working with the cards, let all the symbols flow into my mind.

The first moral of this story is that the wide range of divination techniques is just a catalogue of proposals, and so are all the tools. And the second one is that it is completely fine to go astray from a well established path if it works better for you.


Have a nice day guys! 🙂

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Contact juggling

Yay! It’s my birthday next month so I decided I want to learn something new and treat me with a beautiful gift aswell (which kind of fits in like a crystal ball :D)! I ordered my first acrylic contact juggling ball.

Contact juggling is an art I loved ever since I saw Kelvin Kalvus perform the first time!


Basically it’s balancing acrylic balls and letting them roll and glide all over your arms and torso, performing little tricks. Maybe I’m talented enough to show that off, or maybe not and I’m just gonna pratice for myself, I don’t care as long as I have fun with it 😀


I’m really excited and can’t wait to start practicing!

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[Music] Peter Gundry – Víðbláinn


It was some years ago when I stumbled across this composer named Peter Gundry and his amazing collection of wild and beautiful music!

That’s what you hear in the background of my dwelling almost all the time. Archaic music 🙂

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[Music] Kalevala


And because one song is never enough … this here 😀 By Antti Martikainen.

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[Music] Blackmore’s Night – Under a violet moon


As you might imagine I love Blackmore’s Night 😀 And when I began getting more into witchcraft, folk tales and all sorts of magical stuff they were very influencial on me. Especially Candice Night’s voice caught me instantly and look at her beauty! She’s marvellous! 🙂

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[Video] Knife-making


Honestly, this is so satisfying to watch 😀

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Me goes Twitch \o/

At least I’m planning to 😉

Of course I ended up getting Skyrim and while browsing through my massive pile of shame I thought I could do a little bit of streaming later this spring. I can’t say at which definitive point because I’m always a bit too busy. But it’s definitely gonna happen and I’ll try to focus on viking/fantasy games only, although I cannot promise to avoid the occasional round of Overwatch every now and then 😉

While I would love to I don’t know how to do some creative streams with my setup.

As software I’m going to use OBS because I know this best from my screen-capturing adventures doing some german let’s plays and therefore I hope I’ll be able to make some nice overlays! 😀

How awesome would it be to make some cool fanart on stream or to team up with someone (whom I already have in mind ^^) for some multiplayer fun?! Exactly!

But until then there are tons of stuff to do, pendants to make, necklaces to assemble, so I think it’s probably going to be late april or may. I might even put some (pagan and fantasy-related!) gaming stuff on my YouTube channel. But that’s a whole other story 😉

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The struggle is real: Skyrim

The last weeks I felt the urge to buy a new game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

But here’s the thing: I already got some games I love to play and I’ve always a lot of stuff to do, a lot of things to catch up to and so I’m quite busy, but on the other hand I’d love to get in touch with the story. It’s an old game but they have loads of patches enhancing the graphics, but this, but that, but then again 😀

I’m sure some of you may know this kind of silly struggle 😉

Nevertheless, the whole Elder Scrolls thing is something I’d love to dive into in the near future, especially since there are loads of awesome weapons, armors and general cotume ideas to find!

Until I can make my decision I’m probably gonna listen to the soundtrack for some time and doodle on my face a bit because it’s about time to create some new facepaint pics… and maybe I can do something Skyrim inspired… hm!

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[Music] Spiral Rhythm – I am pagan

Now that’s an old one (13 years!) but when I first came across this song I loved it instantly! Maybe some will find it tacky but as always I don’t care as long as I like it 😉



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[Crafty] Cat hair knife

That’s a crazy one! Being a sibling of two cats myself some good amounts of cat hair try to pile up in my home, especially with my boy Loki being a norwegian forest cat. I think the author of this video had a similar problem and came up with a rather extraordinary solution: A knife handle made from cat hair (and epoxy of course).


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The Joik

Joiking (or “yoiking”) is a form of singing, sung by the Sami people from the nordic countries. Technically it’s related to yodeling and a joik is used to evoke or portray certain places, people or animals. Researchers believe it’s the oldest music tradition of Europe that’s still being carried on.

While being associated with pre-christian shamans and rituals this technique was considered sinful during the era of christianisation, which lead to a devolution of the tradition. But nevertheless, this tradition lives on because it’s so deeply rooted within the culture of the Sami, with a joik being especially made for a person when he or she is born.

To understand it better, they say that you “joik a person” and not “about a person”, which comes quite close to evoking and conjuring. And in the case above, the singer Jon Henrik Fjällgren joiks his late friend Daniel.

It’s not so much about the words, more about the feelings and the melody you can create by joiking, which I find an amazing way to bridge language gaps 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this little cultural trip and you all have a great day 🙂

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[Music] Emian – A Winter’s Tale / Satiro e la Ninfa

Just sharing this beautiful piece of music 🙂

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The Green Man – Vase

I was asked to make another vase and so I did!

Some may know this depiction: It’s the green man who can be found in numerous gothic churches all around europe!

He’s associated with the celts and mistle toes and nature, and I like to think of him as a concept of manhood and fertility.

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How I make soup!

You take one big onion, cut it into pieces and throw it into a pot with some butter or oil, salt and pepper. While it’s heating up you take a celery root, peel it, cut it into pieces and throw it into the pot, too. The same goes for parsley root, four carrots and leek. You’ll need a bit more salt than you would expect but you can always taste what you do. So you’ll boil everything down until it’s an almost unrecognisable mass. It’s ok, I promise.
For the next steps it depends on what you’re wanting to do. A thick stew needs beans and potatoes or pearl barley. Soups need noodles or rice, or also potatoes but less. Once decided, you’ll estimate how much water you’re going to add. When you’re a bit afraid you can add it sip by sip. Don’t forget to taste your work! If you’re one modern person you can use one of these wand blenders but you don’t have to. The soup will just turn out fine. When you got your broth done you can also add more green vegetables to it. And of course you could add mettwurst, beef shank or whatever you might like. And if you don’t just keep it that way.


You may have noticed there are no additional seasonings because you don’t need them. Just add all the herbs you like and be aware that you might need more because your tongue is still used to taste some artificial stuff 😉

Have a good one!


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[Music] Wardruna – Fehu

Boy, I haven’t listened to this in ages, at least it feels like it! Fehu is part of the album “Runaljöd – Yggdrasil” by Wardruna.




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All the planets :D

I know this palette is old but look at all these colors! *___*

Since spring is coming and with it the new medieval market season I’m very excited to try these shadows out. This year I want to up my make up game a bit and try some more exaggerated looks both for photos and on markets, and maybe I can review some stuff or make a tutorial or two, who knows 😀 This youtube account of mine waits to be filled with stuff!

By only touching these baked shadows they give off a good amount of color. I think I’ll be able to vary the intensity by using either a brush or an applicator sponge while packing on the color, and maybe also by wetting the brush, which is also recommended when using baked eyeshadows.

The colors probably aren’t for everyone’s every day use due to their shimmery complexion, but on the plus side they’re allergy tested and cruelty-free, and I love to see that in my make-up case 😀

In case you want to grab one here’s the US-Link

And the DE-Link


Have a great day you guys, I’m gonna get all sparkly after pushing all sorts of stuff around today due to spring cleaning 😀

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[Music] Jar – Hej na wzgórze


I can’t speak polish for shit to be honest 😀 But I found this intriguing summer solstice-themed song and felt like sharing it 🙂



Hej na wzgórze, na to wzgórze, nocel mała, kopiel moja

Tam dziewczęta się schodziły, nocel mała, kopiel moja

Sobie ogień nałozyły, nocel mała, kopiel moja

Tam ich północ ciemna naszła, nocel mała, kopiel moja

Tam na górze ogień gore, nocel mała, kopiel moja

Na tej górze dwoje drzewa, nocel mała, kopiel moja

Dwoje drzewa, boże drzewa, nocel mała, kopiel moja

Bo dziś słońce święto miewa, nocel mała, kopiel moja

Hey upon the hill, on that hill, short night, my midsummernight

There the girls had gathered, short night, my midsummernight

The had established the fire, short night, my midsummernight

There the midnight dark had encroached them, short night, my midsummernight

There on that hill the glowing fire, short night, my midsummernight

Upon that hill two trees, short night, my midsummernight

Two trees, trees of the gods, short night, my midsummernight

For today the Sun has a festival, short night, my midsummernight

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[Inspirational Friday] Kandee Johnson

People who inspire me come from all sorts of places. I thought I might introduce them to you because maybe you get some inspirational kick out of their creations like me 🙂

The first of them is Kandee Johnson. She’s a make up artist on youtube, famous for her transformations into all sorts of people, existing and fictional, like


Edward Scissorhands


Anyone who knows me for five minutes probably notices that I’m a huge make up / sfx-make up nerd. I love everything that makes you pretty, ugly, scary, creepy, magical, mossy… One of my new year’s resolution for 2018 is  to get more into makeup artistry by the way ❤  and I’ve been like this for almost 20 years. When I stumbled over Kandee’s youtube account I absorbed everything she did in her videos, learned about the products and where to get cheaper alternatives because who can afford everything MAC when you’re at school right? 😀

What strikes me the most is her positivity and her bubbly personality, but also her skills and her eye for how to transform what you have into what you want to have, not only on the canvas which is her face but also in her life.


I think I’m gonna introduce more of my favorite inspirations to you, hopefully regularly on fridays 😀


Have a great day!

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Feather Earrings

feather earrings branded

These beautiful feather earrings are now available in my shop!
Just click on the pic or the following linknk at the end of the article 🙂

Did I already mention I love working with bronze clay? Because this is what you can make of it! 😀

Feathers are connected to the element of air, and if you ever saw one floating through the air you’re gonna know why: They are so light and delicate!

But instead of being considered as weak they are often regarded as a symbol of power. Take a look at the amazin feather headdresses of native american peoplee for example!

The german language aswell as the english language know a saying stating “to adorn onesself with borrowed plumes” / “sich mit fremden Federn schmücken”, the french language has “se parer des plumes de paon” (transl. “to adorn onesself with peacock feathers”), giving feathers the status of something you’d need to earn or grow for yourself instead of simply picking them up from the ground or plucking them out from a bird.

In ancient egypt the feather was equivalent to the truth. After death a person’s soul would be weighed and compared to the feather of Maat, the goddess of justice and truth. Sins would have made your soul quite heavy in these days.

Not to forget about mother Hulda / Frau Holle. She shakes out her pillows and feathers float down to earth in the form of snow flakes. Her fairytale is about justice and teaching you to be hardworking and helpful.

The earrings you see in the picture above can be purchased via etsy:


Have a great day guys!

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Game of Thrones – Hand of the King

Projects like these are what I love most!

I was asked if I could do the Hand of the King and I did 😀 Well it’s not done yet but I’m a bit further than what you can see in the picture above. The blade is thicker and I started to shape it into a triangular form, the decoration of the sleeve is more carved out by now and the veiny structure on the back of the hand got carved out a bit more. I still need to add the swirly pattern and the ridges and creases on the outer side of the ring and then fire it in my kiln!

In the beginning I made a silicon mold to get the rough shape of the original brooch and to spare me from shaping a perfect circle 😛 After the the mold was cured I put some release agent and a good portion of Prometheus White Bronze Clay into it and let it sit for some minutes to dry to make it easier to remove the piece from the mold. And right now the soon-to-be-brooch sits on my table drying. You put water on a bronze clay piece to make it shapeable and let it dry when you are done with a certain area to prevent any deformation when working on another area.

Before finally firing the brooch I decided I should make a little pendant or a ring as a test just to make sure the kiln, the coal and the temperature are just right. Boy am I excited 😀 That’s exactly what I want to do with my stuff 🙂

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An overview of different historic lunula pendants:


Maybe I can make some of these in the future 🙂

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[Music] Kalevala – Nagryanuli

Just stumbled over this one via Facebook. Thought I had to share it because it’s awesome! 😀

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Some wicked wig adventures…

Not so wicked, only for the sake of the pun  😛

I have several wigs and I love them, as you might imagine. They enable me to change my type instantly and without the need of going to a hairdresser or putting chemicals on my head or even cutting large chunks off of me 😀

I have the following in my collection:

plus several hair pieces and I definitely plan on expanding it 😀

My next wig project is getting my fake dread locks battle ready. I don’t want to braid them in because I just don’t want to wear these dreads every day and I fear installing them permanently could damage my own hair and cause too much wear on the dreads. So what I came up with, at least for the lower part of my head is this:

I think we all know these clips you fasten clip-in extensions with. I plan on sewing my dreads onto them in order to make them quickly removable. I have a plan on how to cover the top of my head too but it’s not too perfect yet. But I’d love to have a head full of fake-dreads and feathers and beads for a very shamanic outfit I’m dreaming of.

So that’s my sunday plan! 🙂

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Runes @ etsy

I doubt I can ever write enough about the runes.

One can carve them, one can sing them, one can write them, one can tattoo them, one can use them as a writing system, one can try and predict the future with them.

I prefer them for blessing and protection purpose, others put them in elaborate patterns to see what is yet to come.

Their origin is a fascinating one. The god Odin hung himself into a tree and the runes appeared to him in his mind, which is a very shamanistic experience if you ask me, especially considering that the norse gods are actually able to physically die.

What makes the runes so special is also the fact that they not only have a phonetic value but also a meaning, with “Uruz” 𐌿  for example being pronounced as “u” but also meaning “rain” (Icelandic) and of course “aurochs” (Old English).

The runeset above was made a few days ago with my new pyrography tool. This technique feels new and old at the same time, I like to compare it with heating up a knife over a fire and pressing it into wooden disks. Which is certainly something our ancestors were capable of 😉

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[Music] Hagalaz Runedance – Wake Skadi


Although this song came out in 2000 (which was effing 18 years ago…! I’m old.) i still love to listen to it, and I think it’s my favorite from the whole album.

In case you don’t know Hagalaz Runedance I suggest you give them a try. I’m very much in love with all the five albums that exist.

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The costumes and me

As most of you might already know, at least when you follow my Instagram, I like to dress up in the craziest ways. It officially started when I decided over 15 years ago it’d be awesome to go on medieval markets and actually look like I belonged. At that time I owned two long skirts and two blouses and that was it. And somewhen along the way I simply grabbed new costume parts whenever I stumbled across them.

I got quite creative when it comes to acquiring new costume parts. For example I like to crawl through ebay and search for dresses, tops and pants that I can modify or even leave them as they are when they look awesome. Second hand clothes are a great way to save money and re-purpose things that are still perfectly fine. Apart from ebay I frequently visit flea markets, Facebook groups and stores. And since I oftentimes dress crazily even without going to a festival or market, so these clothes ain’t no dead capital 😀
Btw who would have thought that collecting swords and all sorts of decorative weapons would pay someday 😉

The next thing I do is making stuff myself. I sit on a pile of leather pieces and am able to crochet, sew and glue all sorts of stuff together. Whenever there’s an opportunity I grab things one can add to normal pieces of clothing like faux fur trim or sequins and beads, even textile colors, buttons, wool, you name it. In case I need something specific there’s always Amazon or my preferred arts ‘n craft store where I can order stuff or get the right kind of glue in case I need a specific one.

Dollar stores are a great thing too. They often sell weird stuff like fur cuffs, decorative stones, beads, buttons, and all sorts of thingamabobs that are potential props.

My dad handed me down a huge collection of tools which always come in handy when crafting. But I always keep my eyes peeled for new stuff and plan ahead what I might need. After getting my kiln and some rotary tools, engraving tools and such I definitely still want an airbrush, a hot air gun, a torch and some other glass bead making tools… the wishlist always expands, the more shit I buy I suppose 😀

A great aide is my tailor’s dummy on which costumes can be arranged. It’s not exactly my size but it really comes in handy while draping things over other things. Never underestimate the power of sticky velcro by the way ^^

With the internet at hand the possibilities are almost unlimited, even if your budget is. When you have loads of friends working in differend fields it’s very likely they can supply you with material for cheap or even free. And in return you maybe can do something for them.


I’ll be glad to answer to your comments down in the comment section in case you have questions or tips’n tricks or want to show off some of your work!

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Beard and hair beads <3


These glorious beads just went into my shop today!

In case you’re addicted to any viking related social media page like I am you’ve certainly come across these beautiful beads people use to adorn their beards and manes with. And since I got a bit obsessed with them I decided they’d be a perfect addition for my etsy shop. So in case you might want to own one (or two, or three :D) for yourself you can follow the link below or click on the image above to directly get to my shop and grab your runic bead 🙂

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Viking Anime <3

Remember when I asked you to show me some viking anime goodness?

Well, one of my friends actually showed me this trailer for the anime

“The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun”

That title sounds somewhat egyptian, but nevertheless, it’s set in a northern kingdom which is not further defined. In the beginning the protagonist is Horus (“Hols”) is fighting a pack of silver wolves, accidentally waking up a stone giant named Mogue (or Rockoar, depending on which version of the movie you’re watching). He pulls a splinter from the giant’s shoulder which, lo and behold, turns out to be a rusty old sword, which in case of being re-forged will not only return to its old glory of being the Sword of the Sun, but also will the giant return to Horus who will in turn be called Prince of the Sun.

Horus’ father confesses on his deathbed that their family came from a northern seaside village that had been destroyed by an ice devil named Grunwald, leaving Horus’ family being the sole survivors of this slaughter. And of course the father urges Horus to go back to their old village to seek revenge…

The anime is from 1968 and although the animation technique of that time was amazing it’s definitely not like modern day anime with all the waifus and bishis 😉 But in case you know Studio Ghibli, you might find it interesting that this movie was the first major film of Hayao Miazaki, who is well-known for masterpieces like Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, Grave of the Fireflies and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, to name a few.

There is a UK DVD release of this movie, which you can order on amazon. In fact two versions seem to exist, but I couldn’t make out any difference except from the cover and title:

little norse prince
(click image to buy on amazon*)


horus prince of the sun
(click image to buy on amazon*)

I’m definitely gonna grab a copy of this and enjoy this strange mix of egyptian, viking and japanese epic!

See ya hopefully very soon and in case you own this anime already, leave a comment how you liked it, I’d really love to know! 🙂


See ya soon! 🙂

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[New] Huginn & Muninn earrings!

I just finished several pairs of these cute earrings!

Huginn and Muninn are the two ravens of Odin. Huginn came from the old norse word “huga” – “to think”, the noun being “hugi” – “Thought, Sense”. Muninn belongs to the old norse verb of “muna” – “thinking of, remembering”. These ravens are said to sit on Odin’s shoulders, telling them everything they see and hear.

These names definitely make sense in the context of ravens. These birds are incredibly intelligent, being able to use tools and conclude how to solve new problems! ❤

If you want to grab a pair of these really sweet little birds just click on the picture above or on the following link to directly get teleported into my etsy store!


Have a great day! 🙂

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The Ulfberht Sword – Documentary

Late night documentary watching (and almond-eating 😀 )!


The history of the Ulfberht swords is quite interesting, it even got plagiarized with different variants of spelling the name “Ulfberht” which is embossed in the blade. Definitely recommend to watch some documentaries about this!

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I’m not dead! :D

Ah the new year has begun and I’m quite busy working, putting together one necklace after the other at the moment and getting way too less sleep 😀 But nevertheless I enjoy what I’m doing, especially because I re-discovered a long lost passion: watching anime.

At the moment I’m watching “The ancient magus’ bride” (魔法使いの嫁 Mahō Tsukai no Yome), a series about a girl who experienced a lot of suffering in her past because she was different. She sells herself into slavery and gets bought by strange man with a creature’s skull for a head, who is surprisingly nice to her and she becomes his apprentice AND he wants her to be his bride. You can watch the 13 episodes for free on crunchyroll by the way, which I learned to love over the past weeks!

ancientmagusbride(Click on the image to go directly to

Maybe I can find some norse themed anime, that’d be awesome! In case you know any just drop me a comment below and I’m gonna check them out 🙂


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Have a great one!



I wish you all a merry christmas, a great yule celebration, an amazing solstice…  !

Be blessed!

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Am I a re-enactor?

I’d say no 😀

I do some crafting that has something to do with re-enactment and I definitely like the scientific aspects of my hobbies and my lifestyle so I do come in contact with experimental archaeology and such, but I don’t think I would label myself as a re-enactor.

What I do is, I take historical concepts and approach them with my modern day knowledge of things. Since I speak several languages I can determine origins of words and put them in a historical context and I also love to grab old designs and put them into a new environment, like making imprints of replicas and rework pendants for example into earrings or take patterns and put them onto something new. Re-enactment is preserving old techniques and knowledge. I like to go a step further and combine it with today.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think re-enactment is outdated. Without it I wouldn’t be able to create half of the things I do. It’s just that the concept of not “being allowed” to use modern tools and knowledge is too narrow for me.

Also I do not “act”. Everything you see on my Instagram, Facebook and my blog is me, without acting. I live like this, not for the sake of science or to prove or disprove something. It’s my everyday life. I don’t feel the obligation of displaying how much knowledge I accumulated and which fields I studied in.

There’s a certain trend in the re-enactment scene where everyone tries to be smarter than everyone else, having all the sources ready to be quoted but I don’t engage in this either.

I simply want to be myself, be creative, run around in whatever outfit I deem fit for me and paint my face with eyeliner whenever I desire to. I’m not competing against anyone.

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Gibbon vs. Tiger Cubs


Well… what shall I say 😉 I guess something along the lines of “Do not humanize animals!” … but then again, we’re just monkeys in shoes ourselves 😛

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[Music] S.J. Tucker – Firebird’s Child

A little music recommendation :3 quite catchy!

S.J. Tucker – Firebird’s Child
Album: Blessings

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[Family Recipe] Potato Dumplings

My silesian great-grandmother brought this recipe with her to germany in the late 1800s, beginning 1900s, where we later called it “polish dumplings”.

Depending on how many people you want to feed you’ll need to adjust the amounts of potatoes.

In general:

1 part uncooked potatoes
1 part cooked potatoes

The uncooked potatoes go into a blender in order to be put into a dishcloth afterwards. Great-grandma did it with a grater but I want to spare you that 😉 We want to get most of the water out of the mass and you will have to press it with a lot of power.
The cooked potatoes need to be mashed and mixed with the uncooked potato mass.
Put flour on your work surface and form dumplings in the size up to a fist.
Cook for 15-20 minutes in salt water. When the dumplings are ready they’ll  come up to the water surface.

Perfect for yule or christmas eve or whatever occasion you see fit for a feast 😉

These dumplings are very rich, but fear not, they’re even better the next day. You can just cut them into pieces and roast them in a pan, together with onions 🙂

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[Documentary][GER]Jul und Asatru in Island

Have a merry yuletide, everyone!

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That one almost killed me xD



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