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[Trailer] All about Old Stuff!

This will be my first video series! I’m going to tell you all about old stuff – as the title suggests! 😉 The people of BattleMerchant.com were so nice to provide me with this epic sax shown in the video … Continue reading

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Am I a re-enactor?

I’d say no 😀 I do some crafting that has something to do with re-enactment and I definitely like the scientific aspects of my hobbies and my lifestyle so I do come in contact with experimental archaeology and such, but … Continue reading

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Collection Off-Showing!

Ok guys, hands down, who doesn’t like to collect stuff? I mean we all did at least as kids. You don’t have to overact on collecting like I do, but collecting is fun! And I’m gonna share at least one … Continue reading

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