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“You’re no real viking!!11111”

A few weeks ago some kiddo wrote me that he hates to break it to me, but I cannot be a viking because I don’t go raiding with my ship and I (usually) don’t kill people to snatch their belongings. … Continue reading

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Yule plans

Only 9 days left until yule!   Since I love to stick to family traditions (and expand them to a certain extent) I basically do the same every year. Eating good food, visiting family and friends, sharing gifts and enjoy … Continue reading

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Are you against Christians?

Well that’s a question I got several times now. And no, I’m not. That’d be outrageously stupid to be against people just because of their religion, wouldn’t it? I am aware though that there are christians out there that would … Continue reading

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My path

As I stated in an earlier post about our archaeological replica collection my family and I went on lots of journeys where we learned a lot about other cultures, modern and ancient, and I grew up with pyramids, mummies, germanic, greek … Continue reading

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[Q&A] What kind of pagan are you?

I don’t know if that’s an actual definition 😉 but besides from having all the norse gods like Odin, Thor, Freya, Frey, Baldr, Loki and co. in my life (Asatru) I might also be some sort of herbal kitchen witch … Continue reading

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