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“You’re no real viking!!11111”

A few weeks ago some kiddo wrote me that he hates to break it to me, but I cannot be a viking because I don’t go raiding with my ship and I (usually) don’t kill people to snatch their belongings. … Continue reading

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The Ulfberht Sword – Documentary

Late night documentary watching (and almond-eating 😀 )!   The history of the Ulfberht swords is quite interesting, it even got plagiarized with different variants of spelling the name “Ulfberht” which is embossed in the blade. Definitely recommend to watch … Continue reading

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In Odin we trust :D

And sometimes I make my friends into memes, just for shits and giggles 😀 In case you want to visit my good friend Marcel you can do it on Facebook or Instagram. Love doing these little photo edits, it’s always fun … Continue reading

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The Rescue!

  Look at the epic the guys at Kaptorga are capable of producing! So much love and thought went into this, the villain even has filed teeth! (Hope he didn’t really do that xD ) Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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[Movies] The Secret of Kells

I recently re-discovered this trailer for the movie “Brendan and the Secret of Kells” and got a bit obsessed with it 😉 I probably need a copy of the Book of Kells, too!   For all who are not familiar … Continue reading

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