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[Vlog] New Shop stuff + what happens when your order gets a bit delayed?

Yay, another little random vlog! Life happens while you’re busy making other plans, so it happened that I sent an order out too late and since I sometimes cannot prevent stuff like this I think I came up with a … Continue reading

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[Vlog] Welcome to the forest :D

So I made this little test-vlog 🙂

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[Music] Kalevala

  And because one song is never enough … this here 😀 By Antti Martikainen.

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The Rescue!

  Look at the epic the guys at Kaptorga are capable of producing! So much love and thought went into this, the villain even has filed teeth! (Hope he didn’t really do that xD ) Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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[Music] Frozen “Let it go” – Male voice cover

This guy’s cover is everything right now 😉 I have a big weak spot for fairy tales. Fall and winter war the perfect times to listen to some tapes or watch movie adaptions of your favorite stories 🙂

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Minecraft: Ardacraft

Minecraft – We all know it at least from youtube videos popping up once in a while with kids playing it but did you know there’s a whole bunch of people dedicating their time to create beautiful fantasy and medieval … Continue reading

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[Music] Vindsvept via Youtube

What a find! I’m always looking out for some beautiful, epic and enchanting background music – behold this one! The Youtuber named Vindsvept created these amazing pieces for us to enjoy. Definitely recommend that! And the best thing is, it’s under … Continue reading

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Youtube \o/

I know, I know, it’s not the time to start with youtube. There’s a lot of drama going on over there about ad revenues, crappy content and what not. But making a bunch of money by posting make up and … Continue reading

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